Tips & Suggestions

Engagement Session

What to wear.

You want your outfit to complement the environment that we are shooting in.

The best colors that complement the environment are neutrals. Blacks, whites, tans, and beiges are always some of the best colors to wear. While those are the colors that we suggest most often, they aren’t the only neutrals available.

Colors such as maroon, navy, forest green, and mustard yellow are all muted colors of red, blue, green, and yellow. These colors are simple and allow the focus to be on you and your partner’s facial expressions, body language, and overall emotions. Bright, fluorescent colors and wild patterns should be avoided because it will clash with your faces and the rest of the environment, causing the photo to be unbalanced and distracting.

Additionally, colors such as pinks and reds may reflect on your partner’s skin and cause them to look more flushed in the photos. Neutrals are excellent at avoiding these problems, because they will compliment any person and allow the photo to be uniform.

Here’s an example of a couple whose outfit compliments the environment we were shooting in :

engaged couple holding hands and walking towards a lake with sailboats

Time of day

As the client, your scheduling decisions will always be followed by us. However, it is good to keep in mind that the lighting can turn a good photo into an amazing one. The time of day and lighting can completely change the mood of a photo.

Hard Light 

Hard light occurs during the hours between  11 am – 3 pm. It is characterized by strong shadows, high contrast, and blown out highlights. The lighting during these hours can cause noticeable shadows under the eyes and nose, and it can sometimes be difficult to capture a good photo if people are squinting through the sunlight to see.

If your event takes place during these hours, it is still definitely possible to capture beautiful photos.  Try to angle your direction away from the sun, so the light hits everyone more softly.

Here is an example that was taken around noon A&B-27

Golden Hour

Golden hour is the short amount of time before sunset that creates a gorgeous, orange warmth to photos. Below is an example of a photo shot during golden hour. The presence of that warm glow complements the couple’s love and emotions, and adds a different feel than if it were taken at another time of day.

Here is a great example of shooting at golden hourengaged couple holding hands and smiling at each other during sunset in a beautiful field

Soft Light

2-3 hours before sunset allows us to use soft light to our advantage. Soft light is a more diffused light that wraps around the subjects, creating a more luminous and less harsh look to photos. Soft light is also easier for subjects to pose in because your eyes won’t be straining against any brightness. Cloudy, overcast days also produce soft light and make for wonderful photos as well.

Here is an example of soft light. This was taken after the sun had set and it started to get darkDSCF7835.jpg




What sets the way we shoot apart from other photographers is that we want to break down that wall of feeling like you’re just hiring us, and instead you and your significant other are hanging out, spending a day together. We’re just here to capture that day.

We want you two to show as much emotion as possible. Bring out your true characters.

If you’re goofy and all laughs together, then don’t be afraid to be total weirdos. Give each other piggyback rides, wrestle, and run around! We love shoots that are all about fun. We have a Spotify playlist that we can play some hype music if that’s what you’re into.

Be romantic if you’re the sappy romantic types. If you two are all about the love and cuteness, cuddle up together and get close. Let yourselves get as comfortable as possible. Those interactions make some of the most personal, intimate photos. We also have a playlist for those intimate sessions!

Your photos are all about your relationship and how you interact together. We don’t want to take photos that don’t truly capture your authentic selves. We want you to look at our images and see the sparkles in your eyes when you look at your significant other, or the way they close their eyes when you make them laugh too hard. The best kinds of pictures aren’t some posed Pinterest pictures; they’re the photos that show the real you.