Turner Falls Engagement

Kristi + Cody

While speaking with Kristi on the phone to plan their engagement shoot, we could tell that her and Cody were a one of a kind couple. Her outgoing personality and up-for-anything spirit was apparent with how easily she spoke to us. She told us that her and Cody love the outdoors, and that was one of the reasons they were drawn to our work. They knew they wanted outdoor photos, and when we suggested shooting at Turner Falls in Oklahoma, there was so hesitation on their part at all.

Skyler and I got our outdoor radio, filled up the cooler with beer and snacks, and picked them up at Winstar, still 45 minutes from our destination. We talked about how they met, ┬átheir upcoming wedding, and how they both love country dancing. Parked at a lookout, we stepped around cacti and rocks to find the perfect spot, complete with lazy, rolling hills that stretched the horizon. Storms had threatened to ruin the evening, but the Turner Falls area was perfectly clear. With their favorite songs playing from our playlist, the passion and love between them was so apparent. It also helps that they’re natural born models; they’re seriously a photographer’s dream.







We were having so much fun and realized it was already 7:30 and the park closes at 8, so we jumped in the truck and headed down to the waterfall. When Skyler and I mentioned them possibly getting in the water, there was no hesitation from Kristi but she did have to talk Cody into it!







The water got a little deeper than we thought it was and the bottom was super slippery. Cody was trying his hardest not to let Kristi slip and she was just laughing the whole time.



couple looking at each other lovingly in front of Turner Falls Waterfall

Kristi&Cody-95Kristi found some driftwood and decided it would be her souvenir from the trip.Kristi&Cody-96

Kristi&Cody-100Kristi&Cody-101These two are getting married on the 4th of July in South Beach, and we wish them the absolute best for the future. Congratulations, Kristi and Cody!

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